Rebbetzin Choni Levene

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Choni Levene is a dynamic force of positivity, kindness, caring, and love, whose Torah values,

optimism, and chesed are lifelong components of her accomplishments.

Starting at a very young age, she advocated fiercely for Torah education. When there was a lack

of a proper Jewish high school in her neighborhood, Choni, a mere grade schooler herself,

undertook the challenge, and raised the money to assure that they would form a new high school.

Thereafter, Choni always an overachiever, accelerated her education, and completed high school

in 3 years. She attended Stern college at 16 years old, and married at 17 years old, becoming a

very young Rebbetzin, to a shul of elderly congregants, in Jersey City New Jersey. She embraced

her role wholeheartedly, and fully supported the lifestyle of the Rabbi’s wife, helping the shul

members from ages 52-100+. It was a very busy time, during which Choni had her first 2


However, the Levenes soon outgrew their Jersey home, and moved to Bala Cynwyd. There, they

had 2 more children, while Choni pursued many of her creative initiatives, and balanced being a

full time Rebbetzin in a developing community.

Working side by side with her husband, the Lower Merion community as we know it today was

built, with love, faith, Torah, unity, and warmth. During that time, Choni ran businesses and

consulting services such as, cake decorator, Nosh & Nibble, flower arranger, and

interior/architectural design. Many of those talents have been utilized over the years at the Lower

Merion Synagogue, where here artistry has been on display at shul kiddushim, and events. She

was president of both the PTA, and the LMS Sisterhood and is the longest serving member of the

LMS Sisterhood. Choni also spent time in the greater community teaching in the public schools

about the Leni Lenape indigenous people.

Choni creates original needlepoint masterpieces, and some of her needlepoint is on display at

The Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, as part of the Mezuzah Collection.

For 25 years Choni worked at the University of Pennsylvania Law school admissions office. She

was not only the Information Technology specialist and Law School Recruiter, but she took it

upon herself to assure that all the frum people coming to Law school were accommodated with

kosher food, and some lucky people even secured a shiddach! She paved the way for years to

come, in understanding the needs of religious Jews at University Penn Law school.

Throughout the years, she has counseled and listened with warmth and kindness to countless

individuals, sharing her wisdom and insight. She has unified with strength and a hug. She has

rallied the community to action and has been a driving force behind the Shabbat Suite at

Lankenau, and worked devotedly for the Mikvah, as well as Bikkur Cholim.

A devoted daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, she has written two

books preserving family history. She is a collector, gardener, vegan, and avid swimmer.

Her sunny disposition and unwavering faith are an inspiration to all those who know her.



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