Doing whatever it takes to produce LIVE shows even when it doesn't pay with Kaley Halperin

Kaley Halperin, singer-songwriter, educator and community activist. Born in the USA, grew up near Jerusalem, Israel. Currently lives in Jaffa, Married and mother of three. Kaley has been connecting people for as long as she remembers.

She continues to do so through creating and teaching music and being involved in creating spaces for introspection, connection and prayer; such as producing local festivals of music in synagogues, creating and leading the arts program in a local school, and intiating the program "LineNashi", where women from different areas in the music industry create a supportive community.

Her Album "Kan" (Here in Hebrew) came out with the help of a successful crowdfunding with music influenced by American folk, Jewish tradition, and sounds from around the world. These days Kaley is working on a new project in English that strives to continue and connecting the different parts in her identity.

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