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Jaime Slutzky is the owner of Tech of Business, a technology strategy and implementation agency for artists. Jaime hosts the Expand Online podcast.  She left her corporate IT career in 2011 to pursue entrepreneurship and be home with her daughters (now 13 and 11.) She began with WordPress freelancing and through many twists and turns, expanded her toolset and balanced this with actual client needs. 

Jaime specializes in making online technology do its job so that her clients can spend more time in their zone of genius and trust that the tech is going to support their business dreams. She understands the principles of a solid tech stack and balances this with what her clients truly need -- she doesn’t believe in the one-size fits all method but in finding and implementing the best right tool for the task at hand.




Reserve your seat at the EXPAND ONLINE SUMMMIT: https://franciska--techofbusiness.thrivecart.com/expand-online-2020/

Check out the A Cappella Shiru song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iGTWvFmtHA&list=PLNkOcZQs5vP9PtvRwCSaAPWSp5PelM8Il&index=2&t=0s

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