100th Episode Celebration!



Taking in the moment for a big CELEBRATION!

What began as a journey of seeking and despair for me (almost 3 years ago), became a platform and voice for serving the female community of creative entrepreneurs.

The ironic part is that when (shout out to Rifka) Rifka Harris suggested I start a Podcast, I did not know what a podcast was or how to set one up but I just went for it and I'm so happy I did.

I've been open to criticism and feedback. Focusing on improving my techniques in interviewing styles, technological elements and truly upholding a standard of consistently showing up for my audience.

I have become committed to stepping out of my comfort zone including writing, speaking, interviewing, being open and visible about the topics that may be unusual or uncomfortable.

I release to you my 100th (solo) episode on the Franciska Show Podcast where I talk about all the beautiful things I have learned about this industry, my guests and myself over the last 99 episodes.

I compare the state I have been in at the beginning of this journey, through my interview with Neshama Carlebach to where I am today.

I share the process I use to support myself in continuing in this journey.


Shout out to Naomi Markovic for her clear and awesome comment on my latest post that I briefly mentioned.

Gratitude to my powerful and inspiring coaches: Jennifer Rosenfeld, Jenny Clift Tracy Friedlander Sandra Janke Merel Kriegsman

Thank you Rifka Wein Harris for pushing me to do this podcast and offering support when I need it.

Thank you to Rabbi Scott Kahn- founder of www.JewishCoffeeHouse.com for supporting me in our mission by giving the women I interview a bigger platform to reach a larger audience.

Thank you to my clients for trusting me in supporting them in their journeys.

Finally, I thank YOU for all the support you have been giving me: my awesome fans, colleagues, friends, husband, parents, family and Hakodosh Baruch Hu.

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