When Songs Go Viral without the Social Media - Chayala Neuhaus

As a producer, composer ,and songwriter, Chayala (Hartstein) Neuhaus has carved her unique niche in the Jewish music industry.

In addition to releasing two original albums (Miracles and Miracles 2), her songs have been inspiring and uplifting audiences via both male and female artists.

Credited with popular releases by Benny Friedman, Mordechai Schapiro, Moshe Tischler, Dovid Pearlman, Devorah Schwartz as well as countless others.

She operates C-note studios, a full scale production studio that features a wide range of services including teaching and training.

With many years of experience as a vocal coach and pianist, Chayala is passionate about harnessing the power of music to move minds and hearts.

Chayala lives in Lakewood with her husband and six children.


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