"Yonina" on The Franciska Show

"Yonina” (a combination of names -Yoni and Nina Tokayer)

Nina Tokayer is an Israeli-American singer-songwriter,

known as part of the viral husband-wife duo “Yonina”. The two have released a debut original album, "Emet Pshuta" (Simple Truth) and have been performing for the past two years throughout Israel and abroad. Known for their positive music and soft harmonies, "Yonina" create a blend between Jewish, Israeli and International music.

Nina currently lives in Pardes Chana with her husband Yoni and her two sweet children.

Yonina's website: www.yoninamusic.com

Follow on Facebook: www.facebook.com/yoninamusic

Follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/yoninamusic

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