Neshama Interviews Franciska


The host of the Franciska Show, you guessed it- Franciska herself opens up about her struggles and aspirations in an episode special hosted by Neshama Carlebach.

Franciska is a composer, producer and podcast host. She creates her masterpieces by weaving eternal words of prayer into soulful guitar melodies. Raised in religious school and in musical academy, Franciska's compositions reflect her commitment to bridging both worlds.​

Franciska started playing the piano at six years old. She began composing after she mastered the guitar at the young age of twelve. While studying in high school, she toured in the US and Europe with the musical ensemble Ilanit.

Currently, Franciska is producing her 6th album from her own recording studio and offers her music producing services to others. She performs at women only events and runs “Karaoke-Studio”, a latest trend at Bat-Mitzvahs. She hosts “The Franciska Show” Podcast, interviewing Jewish women in the arts and entertainment world.

Listen out for a NEW RELEASE "Mizmor L'david" in this episode. Composed, performed and produced by Franciska. The song will be available on iTunes in a week.

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