Franciska is a singer, composer, producer, podcast host and coach. She supports musicians and creatives in actualizing their goals and dreams through coaching, online courses and more.

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Ilan Cohen

I recently was privileged enough to have a coaching session with Franciska!  This coach really knows what she’s doing and if you meet with her I don’t think you will regret it. Cool, calm and collected in her approach I think Franciska has a lot to offer. 


During the coaching session I could feel Franciska guiding me gently towards thinking more clearly about my goals; if you want to make REAL personal changes in your life or career Franciska will help you manifest your ambitions. I am a psychologist myself so I know a thing or two about human behaviour. I was very impressed by Franciska’s professionalism;  gentleness and drive. This coach has a lot to offer us all in these challenging times.


Ilan Cohen
Clinical Psychologist


Batya Miriam Pearlm

Speaking with Franciska was an eye-opening and enlightening experience. Through her questions and advice, I was able to get a clearer picture of where I’m heading and how to get there. I felt encouraged by her confidence in me and surprised by the limiting beliefs she uncovered. Her passion for self-actualization inspired me to be more honest with what I am passionate about, and uncovered my desire to express my strengths. Thank you!